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The Role of Philanthropy in Hospice Care

Charitable donations are essential to meet the costs of services not covered by Medicare/Medicaid and to cover the rising costs of labor, goods and services.

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Understanding Social Work in a Hospice Setting

Hospice social workers provide many services beyond counseling and emotional support. They help fulfill final wishes, plan events, and ease practical burdens.

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Ineligible for Inpatient Hospice Care

Understanding the many rules that govern hospice care and hospice eligibility. A breakdown of Medicare Criterion.

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The Decisions and Considerations of Hospice Care

A guide for Hospice Patients and families, overviewing common considerations of hospice care and a framework for making decisions during an emotional time.

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We Honor Veterans at Connecticut Hospice

Integrating the services of the We Honor Veterans program has formalized and advanced Connecticut Hospice's commitment to veteran patients.

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Arts As a Part of the Hospice Journey

The Arts help hospice patients and families connect to loved ones, by evoking memories, expressing and processing emotions, and finding peace and closure.

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Coronavirus: Keys to Care for Hospice Families

For the Caregivers, Families & Friends of Patients We Serve Please become familiar with this information to help ensure safe […]

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For School of Drama, mask-making takes on new meaning and urgency

Yale costume shop staff have spent the past three weeks making some 400 cloth masks for donation to Connecticut Hospice.

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Theaters provide PPE to Connecticut Hospice

Connecticut Hospice takes non-COVID-19 patient overflow from hospitals experiencing a surge, and has received masks to help that effort.

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Calm in Times of High Stress

For hospice patients receiving care at home, stress is a familiar burden - not just during a pandemic. Relaxation strategies from veteran caregivers.

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Pharmacy Preceptor Profile: Jim Prota of Connecticut Hospice

Connecticut Hospice Director of Pharmacy serves as a preceptor for students from the UConn School of Pharmacy.

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newhavenBIZ interview with Barbara Pearce

Barbara Pearce's latest challenge, bringing Connecticut Hospice back to financial health.

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Connecticut Hospice Chaplains

Hospice chaplains are trained medical-spiritual professionals supporting patients/families through end-of-life as an important component of comprehensive care.

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Nutrition Concerns for Terminal Patients

Common concerns around hospice patients’ changes in food and liquid consumption. A guide on supporting your loved ones' nutrition at the end of life.

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FAQs About Home Hospice Care

Common issues and frequently asked questions that arise in the course of providing home hospice care.

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Financial Aspects of Hospice Care

A breakdown of the difference between Medicare coverage for Palliative Care and Hospice Care and an explanation of the end-of-life care options so you can plan.

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Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care—What You Need to Know

A comprehensive breakdown of the differences between Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care. Which is better at what stage of illness and what are the cost differences?

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New Hospice Care Program for Dementia Patients

Announcing Magnolia Care, a new program to provide support for hospice patients and families dealing with final-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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What is a Hospice Plan of Care?

The Hospice Plan of Care (POC) maps out the needs and services supplied to hospice patients and their caregivers.

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When Is It Time to Call Hospice? Signs that it's Time for Hospice Care

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Physical and Mental Signs for When Hospice Care is Appropriate.

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Grief, Mourning and COVID

During this time of pandemic, the mourning and grief of the bereaved are layered with the tremendous emotional impact of current circumstances. Survivors of one who has died in isolation due to pandemic restrictions, may feel not only profound grief but also trauma from their loved-one’s rapid decline, their inability to comfort them, and not being with them as they died.

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The Healing Power of Nature

Part 2 of the Connecticut Hospice's series on the Healing Power of Nature explores signs in the natural world that bring solace to the bereaved.

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Hospice Pool Program

CTH & Branford Parks & Rec offer socially distanced Open Swim, Aquacise Classes, and Senior Swim, with views of Long Island Sound & free parking.

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Spiritual Care in Difficult Times, Part 3

Supporting those in hardship and pain. The joy, emotional healing, and opening of hearts that comes from human togetherness.

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