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Hospice Home Care What to Expect

What to expect for your hospice care at home, what services are covered by Medicare, and what end of life care at home really means.

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What is Hospice Care Like?

If you have ever wondered, What happens at hospice? What to expect for hospice care? This post will walk you through a day in the life of a hospice.

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Better Connecticut Interview with Barbara Pearce

Since Connecticut Hospice relies on contributions to provide customized services and therapies that aren't entirely covered by insurance, Scot Haney […]

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Embracing Masks During COVID 19

Embracing masks during COVID 19 for health and fashion.

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Florence Wald, Mother of Hospice in America

Florence Wald, often referred to as the Mother of Hospice in America, helped pioneer the hospice movement in America during the early 1970s.

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Grief, Mourning and COVID

During this time of pandemic, the mourning and grief of the bereaved are layered with the tremendous emotional impact of current circumstances. Survivors of one who has died in isolation due to pandemic restrictions, may feel not only profound grief but also trauma from their loved-one’s rapid decline, their inability to comfort them, and not being with them as they died.

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New Program at Connecticut Hospice

A new program at Connecticut Hospice is helping people document their wishes for medical care.

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Extending Palliative Care to Patients at Home

Connecticut Hospice extends palliative care to patients at home with serious illness.

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It's Expensive to Die in America

Chief Medical Officer, Joe Sacco speaks on Connecticut Public Radio about medical care expenses in in the final months of life

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Cannabis Can Make Dying Less Painful

A BuzzFeedNews Article about The Connecticut Hospice Cannabis Study.

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Spiritual Care in Difficult Times, Part 3

Supporting those in hardship and pain. The joy, emotional healing, and opening of hearts that comes from human togetherness.

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NPR's Life Kit: End-of-Life Planning a "Lifetime Gift" To Your Loved Ones

Hospice caregivers find many people don't talk about, and plan for, death. NPR's Life Kit offers six important tasks to consider.

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The Healing Power of Nature

In this series we discuss why and how nature is so beneficial to us and we share resources to help you bring some of the natural world to your own environment, wherever you are.

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Creative coping by Hospice staff during COVID-19

Medical Director holds Haiku and "Beauty in Adversity" contests to boost staff morale. Viewers are invited to join the fun!

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Spiritual Care in Difficult Times, Part 2

Support during pandemic and protest - connections made in silence, solidarity in speaking up

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Spiritual Care in Difficult Times

What is spiritual care? A CT Hospice Pastoral Care Volunteer writes about offering spiritual support.

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Coronavirus: Keys to Care for Hospice Families

For the Caregivers, Families & Friends of Patients We Serve Please become familiar with this information to help ensure safe […]

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Calm in Times of High Stress

For hospice patients receiving care at home, stress is a familiar burden - not just during a pandemic. Relaxation strategies from veteran caregivers.

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Memory, Reminiscence, & Life Review in Hospice Care

Hospice patients inevitably draw on memory to communicate a sense of themselves.

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What Is Caregiver Burnout?

A state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion from the long-term stress of caring for a loved one.

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