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New Hospice Care Program for Dementia Patients

Announcing Magnolia Care, a new program to provide support for hospice patients and families dealing with final-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Receiving Hospice Care in Many Settings

Hospice care is comfort care. It can be delivered in any setting where a patient lives and Medicare pays for many costs not covered in routine home care.

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Why Medicare Requires Hospice Volunteers

A breakdown of the many ways that a robust volunteer program increases the likelihood that the pressing needs of hospice patients and families will be met.

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What is a Hospice Plan of Care?

The Hospice Plan of Care (POC) maps out the needs and services supplied to hospice patients and their caregivers.

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When Is It Time to Call Hospice? Signs that it's Time for Hospice Care

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Physical and Mental Signs for When Hospice Care is Appropriate.

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What Is It Like to Work in a Hospice?

Employees at The Connecticut Hospice find that Hospice work is not sad or depressing, but a meaningful calling that offers perspective and gratitude to daily life.

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New Program at Connecticut Hospice

A new program at Connecticut Hospice is helping people document their wishes for medical care.

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Extending Palliative Care to Patients at Home

Connecticut Hospice extends palliative care to patients at home with serious illness.

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It's Expensive to Die in America

Chief Medical Officer, Joe Sacco speaks on Connecticut Public Radio about medical care expenses in in the final months of life

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Cannabis Can Make Dying Less Painful

A BuzzFeedNews Article about The Connecticut Hospice Cannabis Study.

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What Is It Like to Work in a Hospice?

Employees at The Connecticut Hospice find that Hospice work is not sad or depressing, but a meaningful calling that offers perspective and gratitude to daily life.

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Water Birds of Connecticut Hospice

The arrival of spring brings water birds to Connecticut Hospice's shoreline. Patients and visitors can enjoy birdwatching and witnessing the circle of life.

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The Founding of Hospice in America

The history of Connecticut Hospice and the founding of the American Hospice movement. With local and national support, Hospice pioneers leave a rich legacy.

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Connecticut Hospice CEO Barbara Pearce is interviewed by The Indispensables podcast.

Ct Hospice CEO Barbara Pearce shares the challenges faced by the non-profit over the last two years with Bruce Tulgan of The Indispensables podcast.

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Hospice Home Care What to Expect

What to expect for your hospice care at home, what services are covered by Medicare, and what end of life care at home really means.

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What is Hospice Care Like?

If you have ever wondered, What happens at hospice? What to expect for hospice care? This post will walk you through a day in the life of a hospice.

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COVID-care Town Hall with Yale Public Health Dean

Dr Sten Vermund spoke to Connecticut Hospice staff in COVID-care Town Hall, on protections for workers & families, testing, & vaccines

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#SunshineSongs Concert, Sharing Showtunes with Shut-ins

Free Livestream Concert Series to Connect Isolated Patients During Covid-19, inspired by the viral #SunshineSongs Social Media Campaign.

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Spiritual Care in Difficult Times

What is spiritual care? A CT Hospice Pastoral Care Volunteer writes about offering spiritual support.

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Hospice Care During Coronavirus

Connecticut Hospice caregivers adapt to the COVID-19 crisis while maintaining excellence in care.

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Coronavirus: Keys to Care for Hospice Families

For the Caregivers, Families & Friends of Patients We Serve Please become familiar with this information to help ensure safe […]

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Calm in Times of High Stress

For hospice patients receiving care at home, stress is a familiar burden - not just during a pandemic. Relaxation strategies from veteran caregivers.

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