Please view our updated COVID-19 guidelines and visiting procedures →.

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Coronavirus - visitor policy as of April 22, 2022.

We remain committed to keeping all patients, family members, and staff, safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Surgical masks are required for everyone when on the 2nd floor (hospital).

 We permit up to four visitors at bedside per patient.


  Please take the time to read our current visitor policy (below)

so you can begin your visit quickly.  

We do admit patients who are COVID positive, in home care and in our inpatient facility.  In the latter, we have a designated area with separate access and egress, plus adequate PPE to ensure the safety of our staff and other patients.  In home care, we see patients both in nursing homes and in their own homes, regardless of COVID status.  Again, we have adequate PPE, and have taught our care workers the proper way to use it. 

In-Patient Visitor Policy as of April 22, 2022 

  • We take everyone’s temperature upon arrival.
  • Surgical masks or better are required for everyone when on the 2nd floor.  
  • Non-COVID Patient Visitors:

    • Four family/visitors per bedside allowed on the 2nd floor clinical unit at one time.
    • Family/visitors may rotate. Visitors at bedside must come down to lobby prior to a new visitor being allowed upstairs if 4 already at bedside.

COVID+ Patien

  • Two family members at bedside PER day from the hours of 8am to 8pm.
  • No rotating visitors.

We want our patients to be able to have visitors, but this depends upon the willingness of all visitors to respect and follow our rules, which have been formulated for the safety of everyone. 

Connecticut Hospice requires proof of COVID vaccination for all staff, volunteers and students. 

We are very grateful, as always, for your referrals to us, and for your support of The Connecticut Hospice.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. There is a lot of information contained on these platforms, and many heartwarming stories to enjoy and share with others. 

It’s a whole new world that continues to evolve, and Ct Hospice is adjusting our norms and procedures as necessary.  At least one constant remains for us, however, and that is our commitment to the best in palliative and end of life care.  We are grateful for your continued support of that mission. 

Contact Admissions

Admissions may be scheduled seven days a week.
Call our Centralized Intake Department: (203) 315-7540.


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