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Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Pastoral Care is one of the main components of the interdisciplinary team at Connecticut Hospice.  It is a partnership between each unit of care, as well as with other members of the interdisciplinary team.  We help connect people with their faith, regardless of what it is, calling on spiritual leaders from Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, and other religions to offer patients and families the support they need on their journey.
Clergy member with spiritual care volunteers at The Connecticut Hospice

Who Can Take Part in Pastoral Care

Patients, and their loved ones, do not have to share a similar faith, have a strong faith, or even subscribe to any faith at all to benefit from Pastoral Care. 

Together, or separately, the individuals in each unit of care may decide what role, if any, they want a member of Pastoral Care to play in their hospice or palliative care journey.

counselor holding the hand of patient. Patient has tissues in hands from crying.

How Can Pastoral Care Help?

The role of pastoral care is to work with the unit of care in whatever capacity needed, and try to understand where each member is coming from through addressing concerns or just listening.  

Often we find that patients or members of their families are struggling with faith, or just struggling to talk about death. We help the families transition to being more comfortable with talking about God, death, and how they find a positive spiritual presence in a situation where they have so many questions.  

Pastoral Care gives people a safe place to share personal issues, past traumas, and other life events.  Often, it can help bring about forgiveness and allow space to work through disconnects so that patients, and their loved ones, can work through them and heal.

Obtaining Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral Care is offered 24/7 by request, through in-patient rounds, and also makes in-home visits for patients under the care of Connecticut Hospice.

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