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Megan Birdsong

I did not know this was the first US hospice facility. I found the home care teams really responsive and dedicated. Shout out to the home-aid Tammy, my mom really liked her as she was kind and patient with my mom at all times. When we couldn't manage her pain at home we moved my mom to the facility and honestly I was impressed. Its right on the water and its beautiful, peaceful even. My mom wanted to be near the water and she got just that. The nurses were kind and they had volunteers coming in a lot to offer support or distraction. Shout out to Gretchen the art therapist. She was so sweet to my family and I. Everyone seems to really care. Your loved ones are safe here.

Dana Nat

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Hospice. My Grandmother was here then 3 short weeks later my father. The kindness, caring and compassion they showed to not only our family but all the other patients was amazing. The fact that both my Grandmother and my dad were able to spend an entire day outside surrounded by family was the best part. No visitor limits if patient is brought outside. My dad was on oxygen and the nurses carried multiple tanks out to us so he could stay outside. Due to Covid only 4 people at a time can visit bedside BUT you can switch all day. And family is welcome to sleep there, they will bring you a cot or recliner. Also as long as pets are up to date on vaccines they are welcome to visit. In the middle of the night nurses were beyond quiet even when making rounds you barely heard them. The entire staff was so comforting in the most heartbreaking time.

Jess Mallory

Went to visit a dear friend of mine and was overwelmed with the cleanliness, compassion of staff, and the ever presents of peace that the room had. You look out and see the beautiful waters of Branford harbor through a wall width widow. The last days of dignified care and attention one receives here, should make familys take comfort in their love ones transition into peaceful rest.

lisa broderick

My dad is in the transition of passing I can not say enough good things about the staff but they are simply amazing , caring , compassionate. Thank you so much for caring for my dad from our family we could not have asked for a better place

Richard Symons

My beloved Mom was at The Branford Hospice for two days before she passed on. The staff there are so careing and loving. It is the very best place for the end of life of our beloved family members! I very highly recommend Hospice! It was so hard to have to say goodbye to my beloved Mom after living with her all of my life but I am so glad that she was in the very best place in the world 🌎🌍 to say goodbye! Great staff! Great loving care! I certainly give Connecticut Hospice in Branford 5 STARS!!!!!

Reviews From Our Online Submission

Betsy Galotti

The loving care that my mother received from the entire staff at Ct. Hospice, where she spent her final days, was exceptional. Without exception, the Doctors nurses, aides, porters, volunteers, and administrative support staff cared for her, as well as my family, with compassion and dignity.

Lynne Crawford

The family of Kenneth Goguen bears witness to the kind, gentle & all inclusive care given to Ken the four days he was at Ct Hospice. We also were given care, understanding & answers to any & all questions in a loving way. These questions are probably asked by everyone who has had a loved one go there but they never lost a second of patience & even provided reading material for all of us to understand what was happening to our loved one. It’s the most peaceful place I have ever seen, both for the patient and the family. Every room has an extremely awesome view of the bay & the ocean. It must be really beautiful when the gardens are in bloom. Someone was always coming in to check Ken’s condition. He was rotated 3 times per day & night. They let us wheel him outside for some fresh air Sunday & we swear he opened his eyes for a few seconds recognizing the sun & fresh air. He passed peacefully yesterday, 3/28/23 surrounded by his loving family & caring staff took time to get him ready for a final viewing. Our thanks to Ct Hospice for all they have done & continue to do to help us through this difficult time. If I could, I would give them a 10 star review.

Jane Pinho

My dad was a patient at CT Hospice for less than 5 days. During that time he received the best care we had experienced in almost 3 weeks during his final stage of life. My gratitude for being able to honor my dads wishes is beyond measure. All he asked for was to respect, dignity and honor until it was God's time to take him. This was made possible by the amazing staff and volunteers at CT Hospice. It took one person to stop their busy day to listen to my plea for help when no one else would. My dad left us with dignity and respect that he deserved. Thank you for not only giving him peace but for giving me peace for being able to honor his last wish for him and my family. I wish I could give you more stars in your rating. As I look up the stars at night and ponder, I'm so grateful for the Hospice Team of Stars we met during his final days.

John Fitzgerald Murphy

Love is the answer to all equations and everybody there is my family and when you love them truly you do everything for them while they’re on planet earth amen 🙏

Stephanie K Lessard

My husband, Thomas, was in the hospice twice. Both times they treated him with compassion. At end of life they treated him gently. I will always be grateful to them.

Caroline LaMorte

My grandmother spent her final days at Connecticut Hospice. I was overwhelmed with the kind, compassionate care that she received. She spent her last day with her bed facing the window looking over the water; and even though she was not awake, my family appreciated the serene setting. It helped us all feel some peace around her passing. We would highly recommend Connecticut Hospice.

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