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Jgentillo 71roadrunner

The staff was kind and compassionate in our families time of need. Thank you for everything in making the the final days as comfortable as they where.
Family of Robert L. Cryoskie.


Our mom was so very blessed to spend her last days there. The staff were all wonderful caring people. There staff artists and musicians were awesome. The view out her window of her beloved ocean was beyond words amazing. We could not have imagined that a place this perfect for her actually existed! If I could give it ten gold stars I would and even that would not be enough.

Sue Minardi

The Staff at CT Hospice made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. Very helpful and kind.

Valerie Darling

Amazing. Sadly, I have lost family and friends who have passed away at The Connecticut Hospice facility and while in their care but at their own homes. Cannot say enough good. Most recently my beloved father passed after just a few days at the facility.
Daddy was kept comfortable but no one was pushing him to eat, drink or take medications. No one did anything he did not want - and at the same time everything he did want was cared for with great compassion.
The staff are awesome. Completely professional and also completely human.
The mission of The Connecticut Hospice is superior in every way to a hospital, nursing home or other "forced to live" institution.
Thank you .... more than I can ever say

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Caroline LaMorte

My grandmother spent her final days at Connecticut Hospice. I was overwhelmed with the kind, compassionate care that she received. She spent her last day with her bed facing the window looking over the water; and even though she was not awake, my family appreciated the serene setting. It helped us all feel some peace around her passing. We would highly recommend Connecticut Hospice.

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