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National Therapy Animal Day

Did you know April 30 is National Therapy Animal Day?  

Profile picture of Pet therapy volunteer and therapy dog facing each other
Janis & Gus

Connecticut Hospice community is fortunate to have many Pet Therapy Volunteers who bring their certified pet therapy dogs to visit our patients and families.  While we can’t celebrate their special day in person because of the coronavirus, we want to honor them by sharing some of their pictures with you. Please enjoy these beautiful beings and join us in thanking them all!

Smiling Pet Therapy Volunteer with smiling therapy dog at Connecticut Hospice
Brian & Murphy
Patient sitting on edge of bed stroking therapy dog, smiling and giving thumbs up
Murphy & patient with volunteer
Head shot of Pet therapy volunteer and therapy dog
Dianne & Samantha
Outdoor picture of pet therapy volunteer holding pet therapy dog
Sue & Lizzie
Pet Therapy Volunteer hugs therapy dog
Kay & Boone
Patient in bed at smiles at therapy dog
Boone & patient
Proud pet therapy volunteer stands in front of colorful quilt, holding therapy dog under one arm
Susie & Peaches
Full length picture of therapy dog wearing therapy collar

Did you know there are other animal holidays?  Here's a link to more special days for animals:https://www.dogtipper.com/fun/pet-holidays

For an article on the benefit of therapy dogs in hospice care, click here: The benefit of hospice therapy dogs

Resources for finding service dogs, therapy dogs, and other types of assistance dogs can be found here: Finding service, therapy & assistance dogs

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