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Author: Barbara Pearce

Hospice Home Care What to Expect

What to expect for your hospice care at home, what services are covered by Medicare, and what end of life care at home really means.

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What is Hospice Care Like?

If you have ever wondered, What happens at hospice? What to expect for hospice care? This post will walk you through a day in the life of a hospice.

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Embracing Masks During COVID 19

Embracing masks during COVID 19 for health and fashion.

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Florence Wald, Mother of Hospice in America

Florence Wald, often referred to as the Mother of Hospice in America, helped pioneer the hospice movement in America during the early 1970s.

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Grief, Mourning and COVID

During this time of pandemic, the mourning and grief of the bereaved are layered with the tremendous emotional impact of current circumstances. Survivors of one who has died in isolation due to pandemic restrictions, may feel not only profound grief but also trauma from their loved-one’s rapid decline, their inability to comfort them, and not being with them as they died.

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