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#SunshineSongs Concert, Sharing Showtunes with Shut-ins

#SunshineSongs Sunshine Concerts at 6PM Saturday, May 30

Free Livestream Concert Series to Connect an Intergenerational Audience of Isolated Patients During Covid-19

For all those isolated by illness and the pandemic, actress and Broadway star, five-time Tony Award nominee Laura Benanti has some joy to share, and we have been asked to help bring it to the Connecticut Hospice community and others who may not be active on social media and might be in need of connection during this time.

Benanti and social activist friend Kate Dieter-Maradei created SunshineConcerts, a free livestream concert series to connect an intergenerational audience.

Laura Benanti

Viral #SunshineSongs Social Media Campaign

This spring thousands of high school students across the country were bitterly disappointed to discover the musical productions they had spent months rehearsing would not be staged.  On Twitter, Benanti invited students to share videos of the performances they weren’t able to give because of COVID-19.

The #SunshineSongs social media campaign went viral with millions of people joining the virtual audience for students’ heartwarming performances.

Benanti received thousands of videos from all over the country, (her friend Lin-Manuel Miranda watched many with her), and the story was featured on Good Morning America, Vogue, People and the NYTimes, etc,.

Laura Benanti on Good Morning America – Sunshine Songs interview

Sunshine Concert Series

Benanti and Dieter-Maradei decided to turn this outpouring of expressions into something positive. The SunshineConcerts project livestreams performances by the best of the student submissions and includes performances by Laura Benanti, and other special guests so that elders and teenagers can come together in music. 

#Sunshinesongs Sunshine Concert Ticket

Watch the The Sunshine Concert livestream Saturday, May 30 at 6pm!  To make the event special, virtual tickets and playbills can be printed.

Download your SUNSHINEBILL Playbook here.

Download your Sunshine Concert ticket here.

Please share these details with anyone you know  who is living in isolation during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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