Inpatient Care

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Patients who are critically ill and whose conditions are rapidly changing require constant attention and assessment. At Connecticut Hospice, a patient’s care plan is individually designed and based on clinical assessment and careful documentation of symptoms. Our comprehensive approach enables patients and families to attain optimum quality of life with frequent physician and clinical pharmacy rounds each day along with superb nursing care.

The focus of The Connecticut Hospice nursing process is on the patient and family. They are – together – one unit of care. No patient is assessed in isolation from his or her family. Family dynamics are as carefully assessed as other factors impacting a patient’s physical and mental well-being. Patients and their families retain a voice in the care plan; they give, as well as, receive care.

As the patient and family’s personal link to the rest of the caregiving team, our Hospice nurses coordinate the many details of the caregiving process. A highly supportive environment allows questions about the illness, its progress, and treatment to be discussed freely and honestly. Families need not only someone to listen to them, but also someone to accurately interpret and explain the changes in the patient. As the patients become more critical, time spent with the family increases to ensure that all the parameters contributing to the status of the patient are considered. This is true whether the patient receives Hospice care in their own homes or in our beautiful in-patient hospital facility.

Our caregiving teams blend their highly specialized skills and a rigorous dedication to their work with a sensitive awareness of the physical and emotional needs that surround an irreversible illness. Their unique contributions have made The Connecticut Hospice a leader in hospice care in the United States. Medically directed interdisciplinary care, given by a team of trained professionals and coordinated by the Hospice nurse, represents the very best our health care system can give to our patients and families.