Hospice Arts

Hospice care affirms life and focuses on the quality of life. To this end, Hospice embraces and views the arts as an important component of care. The lives of Patients and Families can be very much enhanced by participation in the nationally recognized Connecticut Hospice Arts Program.This award-winning program offers a diversity of musical, visual, and literary therapies both at our in-patient hospital and in Home Care, with focus on:

  • Expression
  • Creativity
  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Relaxation and the relief of stress, boredom, and physical symptoms

Arts program offerings are:

  • Staffed by a variety of artists, musicians, board-certified art and music therapists, teachers, and volunteers
  • Available to patients & families without cost

Our in-patient program features

  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Live music and bedside visits 365 days a year
  • Patient and family library of books, CDs, and movies
  • Rotating exhibitions by community artists in our Waterside Gallery
  • Regular concerts and performances by area musicians and performers
  • Wellness Empowerment Program featuring complementary therapies such as yoga, reiki, meditation, Qi Gong, Guided Imagery, breathing and energy work
  • Free portraiture service
aug 14 09 downloads 004For further information about the Arts Program please contact Arts Director, Katherine Blossom 203-315-7522 or kblossom@hospice.com.

To volunteer in the Arts, contact Volunteer Services Coordinator, Joan Cullen 203-315-7510 or jcullen@hospice.com.