Bereavement Support

Families who lose a loved one at The Connecticut Hospice will hear from the Bereavement Department several times during the first year following the loss. Families receive mailings with information and resources about grief. Many families receive a follow-up bereavement support telephone call. Additionally, all families, whether or not their loss was through Hospice, are invited to attend support groups.

New groups are offered periodically throughout the year including daytime or evening groups serving widows and widowers, adults grieving the death of a parent, or those who have lost a family member, a partner, or a friend.

Registration is required for all groups. For more information, please call the Bereavement Office at 203-315-7544.

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Homecare Offices

Groups are planned for Farmington, Shelton, Norwalk, and Wallingford periodically through the year. Please contact the Bereavement Office for information at 203-315 7544

The Connecticut Hospice, Branford

Grieving the Loss of a Spouse (Daytime) – A bereavement group for individuals who prefer a morning meeting time. Offered on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. This group runs for seven consecutive weeks.

Family, Partners, and Friends (Evening) – A general bereavement group intended for individuals who have suffered a loss and prefer an evening meeting time. Please call for information.

Grieving the Loss of a Spouse (Evening) – A bereavement group for younger and /or working individuals who prefer a evening meeting time. These groups are ongoing. Please call for information.

Adults Grieving the Loss of a Parent (Evening) – Consists of an educational session followed by 7 support group sessions. These groups are ongoing. Please call for information.