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Palliative Care at Home

Palliative Home Care

Our Palliative Home Care program provides comprehensive, patient and family-centered care to people who are receiving conventional medicine to treat life-threatening illnesses.  We provide expert pain management and medical care services in patient homes and in assisted living facilities.

Our interdisciplinary teams create customized, Comprehensive Plans of Care that address physical, spiritual, emotional and practical needs to help each patient and family to maximize their quality of life.  

This program is appropriate for patients with a prognosis greater than six months.

Female palliative care patient being tended to by a medical professional at home

What do Palliative Home Care Patients Receive?

  • Customized plans-of-care that help patients manage pain, symptoms, and side effects while their primary and specialty doctors focus on treatment
  • Expert medical care and comprehensive pain management
  • Comprehensive, understandable counseling on patients' medical conditions, treatment options, and likely outcomes, from continued disease treatment to hospice care
  • Pain management and symptom control resulting in fewer emergency room and hospital admissions
  • On-call support from medical staff Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM with after hours phone support
  • Social work, spiritual care, and art and music therapy support services for patients and their families

We Bring Palliative Care to Our Patients

We provide palliative care and hospice care for patients in their homes, in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, and other hospitals.

Please Support Us

As a not-for-profit, we depend on generous donors to help us provide customized services and therapies that aren’t completely covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. 

Please make a gift to help us sustain the highest standard of care.

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