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New Medical Fellows Welcomed to Connecticut Hospice

Clinical Rotations resume after COVID-19 halt

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On June 24, Connecticut Hospice welcomed Dr. Nathan Wood, a Yale Primary Care Internal Medicine Resident, to a 2-week rotation with our Medical Department and the Interdisciplinary Team.  Connecticut Hospice’s care-providers are not only proud to share their hospice and palliative care experience with new healthcare practitioners, but also pleased to receive additional knowledge from visiting practitioners. 

Dr. Wood has published on a variety of topics, including hands-on curriculum for teaching practical nutrition, code-switching in medical settings, and the effects of fibromyalgia on long-term analgesic outcomes following total knee and hip replacement surgery.

Emmy Award-winning Culinary Institute grad

Dr. Wood is also a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, where he won the Top Toque Award, presented by faculty for highest academic achievement.  In 2017 and 2018 he worked as a Medical Student Producer for the Dr. Oz Show, and won a Production Award from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Daytime Emmy Awards.  Obviously a man of many talents, our patients and staff have had the pleasure of hearing him play classical piano in our inpatient lobby when not practicing bedside medicine.

Future Hospice and Palliative Care Fellows

This is the first medical rotation since COVID-19 forced a temporary hold on clinical rotations at Connecticut Hospice.  All rotations now include orientation on the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during the coronavirus pandemic.

In July three additional Hospice and Palliative Care Fellows will arrive for orientation prior to each performing a one-month rotation Inpatient and an additional two weeks in Home Care with our teams.  We look forward to welcoming Dr. Faisal Radwi, Dr. Alex Choi, and Dr. Bryan Terry.

Education, Training and Research at Connecticut Hospice

The John D. Thompson Hospice Institute for Education, Training and Research, Inc. (JDT), the educational ally of Connecticut Hospice, was established in 1979 to provide a vehicle for sharing hospice and palliative care philosophy, experience and skills with students, health care professionals, administrators, caregivers, and the community. 

The JDT Hospice Institute offers high-quality continuing education services to physicians and nurses and is accredited to award both CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) and CNEs (Continuing Nursing Education). The Institute is also a premier clinical rotation site and annually host over 300 students from prestigious universities located both in and out of Connecticut and around the world.

To learn more, click here: The John D. Thompson Hospice Institute for Education, Training and Research


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