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COVID-care Town Hall with Yale Public Health Dean

 June 4, 2020
Head shot of Dr. Sten Vermund, Dean of Yale School of Public Health
Dr. Sten Vermund

Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, addresses risk factors of COVID care with Connecticut Hospice staff

Connecticut Hospice was fortunate on the May 27 Town Hall to enjoy the partnership of world-renowned epidemiologist and Dean of the Yale School of Public Health, Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, in educating its staff. 

Dr. Vermund shared his wisdom with Connecticut Hospice staff on COVID-19 protections for health care workers and their families, answering questions on a live Zoom conference, and covering a wide range of topics, including –

  • direct care-giving of patients,
  • protecting one’s family members,
  • risk-reducing behaviors as states begin to open up,
  • the possibility of virus resurgence,
  • environmental cleaning, 
  • the current status of testing,
  • the future of treatments and vaccines.

With permission from Dr. Vermund, we are pleased to share the entire session with you.  We hope you will find this conversation interesting and informative, and we are sure you will glean some insights and reassurance from his knowledge. 

Read Dr. Vermund’s bio here:

Read more about Dr. Vermund’s work here:

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