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Connecticut Hospice honored as frontline caregivers during COVID-19

 June 4, 2020
Branford Firemen stand in line near 50 foot flag overlooking the water at Connecticut Hospice

On Wednesday afternoon, May 27, the frontline caregivers of Connecticut Hospice were honored by a visit from the Thank You Tour.

Members of the Branford Fire Department, who also attended the tribute, stood to attention as a fifty-foot American flag was raised high into the air overlooking Long Island Sound.

The Thank You Tour is the brainchild of K & J Tree Service, who has put their large crane to good use during the coronavirus pandemic by visiting hospitals around the state to honor all frontline health care workers. 

The display at Connecticut Hospice’s inpatient hospital in Branford also featured a giant “Thank You” sign on another of their trucks.  Hand-held flags were given to all the staff who came outside to enjoy some sunshine, and those who were on duty inside with their patients waved from windows and balconies. 

Fire Chief and Firemen in masks stand in line in front of a statue at Connecticut Hospice

From the lobby, a patient and her family engaging in a window visit and FaceTime call, assisted by Connecticut Hospice Social Work and Arts staff, enjoyed the proceedings while they chatted.

The event was a memorable respite from the challenging circumstances being endured by individuals, families, healthcare organizations, communities and the nation.

It became a welcome chance to recharge batteries, honor each other, and remember the power of unity and purpose. 

A great way to bring Nurses month to a close!

To see the flag-raising and some of our amazing staff enjoying the event, watch this short video:

To find out more about Thank You Tour events, click here: Thank You Tour events

6 comments on “Connecticut Hospice honored as frontline caregivers during COVID-19”

  1. This is so wonderful! Thank you Connecticut Hospice for your service on the frontlines during this scary time!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. We are grateful to be able to serve our community!
      Katherine Blossom,
      Director of Arts

    1. Dear Mrs. Biondello,
      Your comment is very much appreciated - I will share it with all my colleagues here.
      Thank you,
      Katherine Blossom, Director of Arts

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