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The Hospice Institute for Education, Training and Research, Inc., the educational ally of The Connecticut Hospice, was established in 1979 to provide a vehicle for sharing the hospice philosophy, experience and skills with students, caregivers, administrators, the lay community and all those who desire to improve the quality of care for patients experiencing an irreversible illness and their families. The Hospice Institute thereby seeks to influence the way in which the health care system in our country and elsewhere cares for those effected directly or indirectly by a diagnosis of terminal illness.

The Hospice Institute seeks to fulfill these objectives through a comprehensive program of educational instruction by offering courses, seminars and symposia; publications and audio-visual materials; training programs for health care students and staffs; technical assistance; and identifies research needs and seeks to conduct research programs.

The Option of Physician-Assisted Living

Everyone interested in the choices that are available to patients and their families facing irreversible illness now have a means to learn about the options available to them. Called Physician-Assisted Living (PAL), the program was developed jointly by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and the John D. Thomson Hospice Institute for Education, Training and Research. It permits people to make a non-binding choice for a hospice option should the need arise.

PAL, in part, is an educational program designed to help individuals and their families, their doctors, nurses, clergy and lawyers discuss options in pain management and symptom controls long before they might need such care. PAL also maintains the PAL PartnersTM registry of everyone who has expressed an interest in pursuing the hospice option. Click here to register your interest in PAL with the Hospice Institute. In return for submitting your confidential registration form, you will receive a printable copy of the official Notice of Desire for Hospice Services, a non-binding document that expresses your interest in hospice care should the need arrive. Click here for the text of Atty. Gen. Blumenthalšs explanation of the PAL initiative. A full discussion of the program taken from the journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society also is available by clicking on Connecticut Medicine to the right.

The Hospice Institute was incorporated in 1978 to study the care of the terminally ill and to educate both professionals and the lay public about how to improve that care. Its studies have uncovered barriers to effective hospice care and have proposed solutions to those shortcomings. Other research has identified gaps in the knowledge and experience of both caregivers and consumers concerning hospice programs and services.

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