Thank You For Your Support

Common values, shared vision and integrated mission.

“The Connecticut Hospice shall provide quality, compassionate and competent hospice care in Connecticut to patients suffering from irreversible illness, and to members of their families. Care shall be interdisciplinary in nature, allow for family decision-making and participation in care, and shall seek to enhance quality of life for as long as life lasts. With the full support of the philanthropic community, care shall be offered based on need rather than ability to pay. Bereavement care shall also be offered commensurate with need. Home and inpatient care shall serve as a clinical model for national replication through education, training and research made essential by our unique role as the founder of hospice care in

Your support means so much and we thank you for giving.

True Colors

We thank you for supporting a living institution, the birthplace of Hospice in the United States of America, where, through the years, your generosity will always be instilled on our hearts.

You have listened with your heart, and because of your loyalty, we are able to continue to provide an extraordinary degree of compassionate and loving care to each patient and family. We are proud of our leading role in Hospice and palliative care. Sacredness of the human person is not missed at Hospice; it is not threatened.

The suffering and hope of this year and the invisible forces that are born in our heart also arise from material problems – economic, political and technical.

Love is an activity; not a passive affect. Love is primarily giving; not receiving. Giving is the highest expression of potency to something you believe in and “true colors come shining through and are beautiful even in the rain.”

Through your charitable, tax-deductible gift, we are able to provide clinical resources and charity care to our patients and families through our inpatient and home care programs. Through that act of giving, you are not only part of our family, but you are the visible light and part of the true colors that remain and become our legacy. The virtues penned by a poet “beauty without vanity; strength without insolence; courage without ferocity” exemplify true colors.

Our Lights of Love burn brightly for those you love.

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The strategic plan for the 21st century, entitled Advanced Care 2001, envisaged strengthening the twin pillars of Connecticut Hospice’s mission: (1) to improve patient and family care and (2) to improve knowledge of pain control methods.