Pediatric Care

The Children’s Place

general 001Patients of all ages have always been a part of our program at The Connecticut Hospice. The Children’s Place provides specialized inpatient care for infants and children. A similar pediatric program is offered under our home care plan.

The saddest thing about terminal illness is that it can strike children. Even harder to handle is the inability of family and friends to know what is best in the way of care and caring for the child so afflicted. Not only does the child suffer, but everyone around the child suffers, as well. There is a way to ease this suffering and the confusion that can go with it. A way to deal with all the issues parents of terminally ill children face on a daily basis is offered by The Children’s Place.

Child & Family Care

It is designed to provide the necessary components of child and family care, including counseling to those who are in need. Because of our 10 years of experience in caring for children with advanced irreversible illnesses, we stand ready to provide a well-designed program of comprehensive care around-the-clock through our home care program and inpatient center:

  • Physicians available all the time
  • Pastoral counseling to aid with spiritual issues
  • Continual involvement of social workers
  • Bereavement counselors provide support
  • Pharmacists assist with pain medication
  • Artists stress personal fulfillment
  • Dietary staff make meals enjoyable
  • Volunteers add many special dimensions to caring…those little things that can ease a child’s fears

Our Mission

A commitment to caring, comfort, and counseling touches everyone and everything at The Children’s Place. Our mission says it all:

The Connecticut Hospice shall provide quality, compassionate, and competent hospice care in Connecticut to patients suffering from irreversible illness, and to member of their families. Care shall be interdisciplinary in nature, shall allow for family decision-making and participation in care, and shall seek to enhance quality of life for as long as life lasts. With the full support of the philanthropic community, care shall be offered based on need rather than ability to pay. Bereavement care shall also be offered commensurate with need.

Supportive Environment

general 002

This mission is applied through our Home Care and Inpatient Programs. The Home Care Program keeps the child at home, a familiar, supportive environment close to family, friends, pets and favorite toys. Home care staff visit regularly, and are available around-the-clock. The plan of care is directed by the child’s primary care physician.
The Incare Program offers a home-like environment, with personalized care provided by our full-time physicians and nursing staff. The child’s room may be decorated to mirror his or her room at home. Visitors of all ages are welcome 24 hours a day, seven days a week and well-behaved pets may join the family and friends in cheering up the child.

Our Accomplishments

The Connecticut Hospice is proud of many significant accomplishments. Some of our key credentials are:

  • Accreditation as a Hospital with Commendation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Health Services as a Short Term Hospital, Special, Hospice and as a Home Care Agency
  • Certified by Medicare as a Hospice, Home Care Agency, and Hospital

The Connecticut Hospice was the first hospice in America. We were also one of the first to focus on the needs of terminally ill children. Our strategic ally, The John D. Thompson Hospice Institute, provides educational programs to organizations from all over the world interested in developing new or enhancing existing hospice programs.