17 Aug

Afghans Made from Love

The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. is looking for crochet or knit afghans and lap covers.

These beautifully crafted blankets provide warmth and love to all our patients.

If you are interested in donating, please contact Vera Klapp at 203-315-7586.

04 Feb

From the Newtown Bee – The Top of the Mountain

Lisa Rose, owner of A Bead of Roses store in Plaza South, was honored recently by The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. “The aftermath of the Newtown incident saw Lisa call on the pediatric art’s caregivers of The Connecticut Hospice to help some of the children,” said Eileen Mino of the Branford-based organization. Lisa Rose is honored “for all that she has done and for thinking of The Connecticut Hospice and our pediatric caregivers in the way that she did,” Eileen explained. Lisa was a guest of honor during the organization’s annual Christmas party late last month. She met some of the children and faculty members of the facility, rubbed elbows with Santa, and was presented with as framed certificate, called The Sandy Hook Anniversary Award. Congratulations, Lisa!

For the Whole Article visit http://newtownbee.com/news/features/2015/01/23/top-mountain/250361

16 Dec

The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. Children’s Party Honoring Newtown’s Own Children’s Store Proprietor

The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. Children’s Party Honoring Newtown’s Own Children’s Store Proprietor

Branford, CT – Hospice children and grandchildren will be in attendance for The Connecticut Hospice, Inc.’s annual Christmas Party, on Saturday, December 20, 2014 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., when Santa Claus arrives by boat.

This year, the honored guest is Lisa Rose, who is the proprietor of The Bead of Roses, a store for children, in Newtown, CT.

The aftermath of the Newtown incident saw Lisa call on the pediatric art’s caregivers of The Connecticut Hospice to help some of the children.

The Connecticut Hospice has a dedicated pediatric section, both in home care and at the hospital, for children and their brothers and sisters.

Sponsored by the Arts Department, Santa goes through The Connecticut Hospice-Hospital Wings by 3:00 p.m.

16 Dec

Hospice Care Adds Months for Cancer Patients

If you have better quality of life, may result in more quantity of life.

Branford, CT – Dr. Wen-Jen Hwu, M.D., Ph.D., member of the Board of Directors of The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. and Chairman of The Professional Advisory Committee, Professor, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology at MD Anderson in Texas and National Chairman of Woman in Cancer Research noted that,

“Researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center determine that hospice care significantly increases survival rates among patients with metastatic stage IV melanoma. Those that received four or more days of hospice care, had an average survival period of 10.2 months, compared to those that received no hospice care, which averaged 6.1 months.”

Since Dr. Hwu has been with Connecticut Hospice for over 25 years and was the former Medical Director, she believes that hospice care would work for many people, with many diseases, just as the research cited above.

27 Oct

Luv Ya Bump – A New Infection Control Initiative

October 3, 2014
Contact: Marcel Blanchet (203) 215-4535

A New Infection Control Initiative

The “Luv Ya Bump”

Branford, CT – The Connecticut Hospice, Inc., at its advanced palliative care center, with its Institute for Education, Training and Research, Inc., has a new initiative, the “luv ya bump℠.” The “luv ya bump℠” initiative is to help protect and bring awareness to the importance of preventing the spread of germs during flu season. The Connecticut Hospice, Inc., has developed a new symbol of love called the “luv ya bump℠”, a graphic showing the bumping of two fists, an expressive greeting, as opposed to extending your hand and shaking another’s when you meet and greet someone or/and when you need to say farewell. It shows that you care about not only protecting yourself, but also being empathetic to the person that you are greeting and the world in which you both live.

The “luv ya bump”℠started as an inspiration for its staff, volunteers, patients, families, students and the initiative is spreading throughout our community.

We are creating this symbol, “luv ya bump”℠so that the worry about all the germs on hard surfaces and floating about in the air are diminished by educating ourselves to this new symbol during flu season and beyond. “The importance of taking care of yourself and your loved ones cannot be over emphasized”, said Sylvia van Heerden, BSN, Chief Quality Officer.

On October 1, 2014 an action plan was implemented at the center, but will need constant reinforcement.

Mrs. Marc Alphons Hurzeler, RN said, “Hospice hugs are the norm at our Hospice, but when a hug is not appropriate, the new standard should be the “luv ya bump.℠””

For more information visit www.hospice.com/luvyabump or use your smartphone to scan this
Q code.


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